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Business Plan

Besides legal services National Capital offers intelligent financial consulting in different areas of interest for businesses and private investors. Properly written business plan as well as financial and managerial accounting report is the key to successful operation of the business. Among others our company provides the following types of financial services:

Business Plan

Anytime you are meeting with a potential lender or investor, your business plan reveals who you are and what your business is all about. National Capital will help you to focus on what you are trying to achieve, to detail the many expenses involved to open a new business, including the projected sales and monthly expenses of actual operation, and the volume of business you will need to generate to meet your obligations.

We will assist you in developing a business plan that properly explains and illustrates the vision you have for your business, and to persuade banks or private investors to help you achieve that vision. Our experts will make sure that your business concept is successful and profitable.

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis deals with the integration and analysis of information accumulated in financial and operations management reports within a company. National Capital offers assistance in evaluating financial statements by carrying out financial ratio analysis, break-even analysis, analysis and determining an appropriate capital structure, together with company's credit policy and estimation of reasonable amount of working capital.

Managerial Accounting Services

Managerial accounting is an essential part in the process of increasing an efficiency of business operations. National Capital provides assistance in accumulating information for successful management decisions upon determining profitability of both current and future business activities, developing an appropriate system of cost estimating and cost analysis for your company. Our specialists will help your business with budgetary planning, cost finding, cost and profit analysis, and performance reporting.