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International Legal Transactions

General Overview

We assist both western companies operating in Russia or seeking to do business in Russia and Russian companies and individuals operating or seeking to do business internationally. We assist in developing US/Russian projects, assist in raising of capital, identify and facilitate cross-border investments and strategic alliances, and enhance US/Russian business relations. Our firm serves as an independent advisor providing strategic and practical advice. When additional professionals and technical support are required, National Capital assembles the necessary expertise by drawing from its network of leading legal, accounting, financial, real estate, public relations and political resources.

With globalization enveloping the world and growth of international trade on the rise, correct interpretation of the laws and practices that regulate international business has become even more important.

If you own a company that has international offices or dealings in different countries, laws of several jurisdiction come into play and need to be followed while conducting international transactions. National Capital Legal Services will provide your company with legal guidance and business advice in international transactions.

International transactions are transactions that are conducted between two entities that are located in different countries. Our specialists will evaluate your project, all documentation and help you plan your business appropriately.

We assist foreign companies that are looking to bring their business dealings to the United States . We are committed to helping businesses make strategically correct decisions and promise to help your company achieve its business objectives.

Following is the list of issues that may come up in international transactions:

  • Selection of local counsel
  • Understanding local law and practices
  • Understanding local customs
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Effective tax and other structuring issues
  • Competition law issues
  • Choice of law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Master and Local Agreements
  • Language and Cultural Issues
  • Management of the Project

Any business transaction has legal aspects that have to be considered. An international transaction is more complex since it involves completely different legal systems and issues of language. Our staff is multi-lingual and will be able to assist you with your questions in English, Russian, Turkish, French, or Spanish.

The following are common international assignments:

  • the establishment of businesses in foreign jurisdictions
  • the registration of patents, trademarks, and other types of intellectual property in foreign states
  • international contracts
  • supplier and distributor agreements
  • international financing

Entrust your company's reputation in our hands and we will make sure that your company is on its way to international success.