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Legal Business Issues

Buy-Sell Agreements within an Entity

A Buy-Sell Agreement provides the terms under which the entity or other owners may or must acquire a departing owner's interest on death or other specified events. These agreements offer a way for business to continue in an uninterrupted manner. They can be used to prevent deadlock, prevent freeze-out of a minority shareholder, establish procedures for valuing shares, and prevent involuntarily being in business with outsiders. We assist our clients in drafting and implementing such agreements.

Purchase and Sale of a Business

Our firm is providing services all types of business purchases and sales agreements, ranging from the purchase of smaller businesses to larger corporations or sale of business to an individual owner. Our work in this area includes creating and negotiating asset purchases, stock purchase agreements, as well as like-kind exchanges. Often such sales take place with an overseas purchaser and we handle all range of issues involved in such transaction, including foreign currency exchange laws, international tax exemptions and immigration law issues.

Partnership Agreements

Whether you intend to create a Limited Partnership, a Limited Liability Partnership, or a General Partnership, the partnership agreement should be preferably in writing. Implied partnership may be implied by law where you did not intend to create such. Consequently, you may become liable for the acts of your partner. Having a written document will help eliminate disagreements about partnership terms and can prove invaluable should a dispute arise. A partnership agreement will spell out issues concerning control, dispute resolution, valuation, distribution of profits, and procedures for dissolution. The partnership agreement is flexible tool and if properly drafted, can encompass whatever method of running and sharing of a business as the partners can imagine.

Banking and Financing

We advise US and foreign borrowers on issues of business acquisition, sale, line of credit and loan matters. Obtaining loans by foreign borrowers is especially challenging in present business environment, yet with little money down they are able to do so. For our small business clients, we have counseled them on the necessary documentation and application information relating to federally funded Small Business Association (SBA) loans.

E-Commerce and Intellectual Property

As some of our clients’ businesses have expanded to embrace the distribution network provided by the Internet, our lawyers are being called upon to address a variety of contract, tax, licensing, and litigation matters. We have lawyers hooked up who practice exclusively intellectual property and trademark laws to assist our clients with a wide variety of issue as protecting their trade name and identity worldwide.