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International Family Law

You will also need a timely advice and counsel of an experienced family law attorney if you have been wrongfully accused of abuse. A controlling spouse will often use the criminal law system or a child protective services complaint process to try to unfairly gain an advantage to file an abused spouse petition for (i) her/his green card, or (ii) an upper hand in a divorce or custody case. We can often put a stop to this. We are thoroughly familiar with the protections available to you under the law.

We represent clients living in foreign countries where the other party is a resident of US, and has represented US residents where the other party is located in a foreign country. We can initiate Virginia divorce and custody cases where one litigant is in Virginia and the other is overseas, and we would cooperate with foreign counsel in cases being conducted abroad. Additionally, because we can obtain legal advice from matrimonial attorneys around the world, we are able to obtain information as to the specifics of matrimonial laws and procedures practiced in foreign jurisdictions world wide.