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My employer-sponsored "Green Card" application process with NCLS started in September 2007. In January 2009 my I-485 form was approved and I got the "Green Card" in my mail box shortly after that.

NCLS team made the whole process fast and easy for me. I would especially thank Dasha Barmina who did the most of the paperwork for my application.

I considered applying for the "Green Card" through another lawyer before I contacted NCLS. He was among top US immigration attorneys according to a respectful source. I knew several people who did their applications through him. But my interactions with him and his paralegals as well as others' experience and opinion changed my mind. And I was really happy when I found NCLS. They were fast, professional, accessible, very helpful in answering my numerous questions about the details of the process.

With my warmest thanks to all at NCLS,

Alexander M.

My husband and I recently received our green cards and we just want to thank everyone at National Capital Legal Service (NCLS) for their diligent work. They have helped me from the very beginning for all my immigration applications, including my H1B visa application.

We especially want to thank Dasha Barmina very much for her work on handling our case very professionally from the beginning. We believe our application went smoothly only because of a consummate professional like her, who knows immigration law very thoroughly, who keeps current on all the latest immigration rules, is conscientious and sincerely devoted to her clients. She was also very good at following the status of the PERM application (took the DOL about 16 months to finally approve it). However, she continuously kept us informed during this time regarding our cases by sending us regular status updates and current immigration news. This helped us understand the delays rather than thinking that DOL has abandoned our case, which was very helpful.

All we can say is a sincere thank you to everyone at NCLS. I am grateful and appreciative to all of you and I strongly recommend everyone to consider NCLS for their US immigration related needs.


Я приехал в Америку из Узбекистана убегая от беззакония и преследования со стороны узбекского правительства. Я знал, что если вернусь обратно, меня бросят в тюрьму или, скорей всего убьют. Мне нужна была защита и я решил просить политическое убежище. Мои друзья посоветовали мне обратиться к адвокату Елизавете Крюковой. Она не отказала мне в помощи, за что ей огромное спасибо. Оперативно работая с ее офисом мы подали все необходимые документы и уже через некоторое время мое заявление на политическое убежище было одобрено.

Я был поражен и приятно изумлен профессиональностью этой команды и вниманием со стороны адвоката Елизаветы Крюковой.

Я бесконечно благодарен всем, кто помогал мне все это время и буду рекомендовать только этого адвоката.

Икром Д.


Здравствуйте, Елизавета.

Я бы хотела вас поблагодарить за вашу помощь в получении документов. Я очень признательна за вашу поддержку в течении этих долгих четырех лет. 18 июня у меня было назначено интервью с иммиграционной службой. В этот же день моя грин карта была утверждена. У меня уже есть штамп в паспорте как временный документ и постоянная грин карта по идее должна прийти в течении двух недель.

Могу пообещать, что буду рекомендовать вас всем своим друзьям.

Еще раз огромное спасибо.

С уважением,

Яна Г.

June 23, 2008

Dear all in National Capital Legal Services!

Today I received a happiest news in all of 8 years of my living in US:

- it looks like they finally approved my I-485 Application (even without interview).

I wish I knew your great team 6 years ago when I started my Green Card process.

But even helping me just on the last phases of that endless effort you did amazing job!

Only God knows how many more years it would take for degraded USCIS system to go through those bureaucratic procedures (nothing but pending) adding frustration and disappointment to my life without you help filing the Complaint with the US District Court.

I admire your talents, experience and professionalism.

You brought me freedom, stability and my rights in the country for which I was working for 8 years.

Thank you very much!

Gog bless your life, business and your families.

Alexandr Z .

November 05, 2007