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Вы можете назначить консультацию онлайн или позвонив нам. Первая консультация по иммиграционным делам стоит $125 за 30 минут, а по всем остальным категориям дел — $175 за 30 минут. Если мы примем Ваше делов работу, и Вы оплатите услуги в течение первых 30 дней после консультации, стоимость консультации будет вычтена из общей суммы услуг (если контракт превышает $1000).




I write for everyone who reads!
National Capital Legal Services is the best law firm. Before I met the super lawyer Elizaveta Kryukova, I tried to use the services of lawyers from other law firms in Maryland and Virginia. COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT!!! First of all, I want to note the work of the office — all employees work like a Swiss watch: competently, smoothly, super professionally. It is felt that a single close-knit team has been created. Each visit to this law firm brought joy and moral satisfaction. I would especially like to mention the founder of this company, Elizaveta Kryukova! I felt her professionalism in court. I note that the judges perceived it with genuine attention and respect. It was clear that she earned this respect by her deep knowledge of US laws. I would like to wish all employees of National Capital Legal Services to always keep such a high professional standard. YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!
With sincere respect and gratitude.


Harchenko ,

In my opinion, NCLS is the best immigration law firm in this area. Elizabeth Krukova provided exceptional strategy and approach on our green card filing. She is very knowledgeable and experienced in the field. From the first conversation, she correctly predicted what to anticipate in our case. Alona Dorosh helped us with the filing process. She is very supportive and handles the procedure smoothly. She impressed me not only with the professionalism, but also with the ability to communicate and support when necessary. We (my spouse and I) recently got our Green cards approved with Mrs. Krukova’s office representing us. Can’t thank them enough. Highly recommended!


Diana Gogoshvili ,

Seven years ago, my husband and I started our Green Card application through another law firm. Due to lack of expertise and professionalism on the part of our first lawyer, our application was denied, leaving our chances of attempting a second time very slim. After having consulted five different lawyers who could offer us no plausible solutions, we finally had the pleasure of meeting NCLS. We were right away struck by their plan of action and today we can attest to the fact that it was successful. From the beginning, the staff at NCLS has shown to be experts in the field. Always on top of everything, they proved reliable and trustworthy. We admire NCLS’s professionalism, punctuality and prompt responses, and appreciate their honesty and transparency. Though our first experience with an immigration lawyer that has left a bad taste in our mouths, NCLS has provided us assurance and excellent customer service throughout the entire process. Thank you, Elizabeth and Natalia, for all your help!

Thank you very much!



Erica and Alberto, Lissa and Leticia Murakami ,

I want to say what a outstanding job both of you did in helping me obtain the K-1 and K-2 Visas. I had researched the internet and found your company to be everything and more about your experience and knowledge to get this done for me. It has been a pleasure especially working with Sofia with her quick responses and willingness to help on each and every occasion. I am so thankful that the process was so speedy and no problems occurred. I plan on using your company with the green card process and any other future developments. I highly recommend this company to anyone.


Jay Chesser ,

All the paperwork with USCIS was completed correctly and filed very quickly. They addressed all the questions regarding the process, and Antonina provided assistance along the way. Highly recommended. Appreciate their services.


Olya Nezabyd ,

Our family has been using National Capital Legal Services for immigration matters for many years. And now, when our not very pleasant journey is over I can tell that we would have not been able to succeed without Elizabeth Krukova and her team. Very knowledgeable, experienced, patient and supportive team made immigration process as smooth and possible. I know some people would say «My case is so simple, why spend money on a lawyer?» I can agree to the point. Whoever was dealing with USCIS knows how important it is to provide all the necessary paperwork and in correct format. If anything goes a bit left or right you are stuck in the system for who knows how long. National Capital Legal Services helps to do everything the right way from small papers like affidavits to actual court appointments. And if your case is a little more difficult than usual I recommend National Capital Legal Services without a doubt.


Tatsiana Hunter ,

NCLS did my H1 visa and green card work. I could not have expected better service! Their work was prompt and detailed. They respond very quickly to questions and requests. Highly recommended.


Bipin Inamdar ,

Excellent service! Elizabeth Krukova is an experienced attorney. I would also recommend Sofia Ladygina. She is very helpful and thorough about doing her work.


Karyna Kupreychyk ,

Several years ago, NCLS helped my colleagues and me on our work visas. They seemed knowledgeable and were patient with our newbie questions. We went back to them this year with other immigration needs. Again, Ms. Elizabeth Krukova, together with Ms. Alona Dorosh, provided excellent service. Highly recommended.


C Sah. ,

Elizabeth Krukova is the best immigration lawyer in the area. She is very professional, yet sincere, compassionate, and understanding. More importantly she is very determined as she did her best despite the complexity of my parent’s immigration case. She was very thorough and careful throughout the whole process as she tried every option available in order to get the best outcome. Because of her efforts, she was able to help resolve my parent’s case and now they can legally abide in the USA. In addition, her staff are more than helpful. We worked very closely with Alona Dorosh who is one of Elizabeth Krukova’s assistants. Alona was always organized and punctual in handling all time sensitive deadlines. She kept us all updated on every element of the case and made sure we understood everything that was going on. Without the assistance of Elizabeth Krukova and her wonderful team, I am confident that we would not have received the same outcome.



Valentina Ivanova ,

I got Ms. Elizabeth Krukova information from one of my friends and I took a chance. My situation was little more difficult but I couldn’t be happier with everything Ms. Elizabeth Krukova and her assistance did for me. Working with them was a great experience. They are very professional, understanding and sincere. They always responded to all my e-mails and phone calls in this same day. Ms. Elizabeth Krukova is the best lawyer in the DMV area and I highly recommend her.


Marzena Czemko ,

Highly recommend. If your case is a little more difficult then usual I recommend NCLS.


Sergey Ananko ,

I’ve been using NCLS. Inc services for many years. The attorney and paralegals are competent in various legal matters starting from immigration to civil, business, etc. I always got the expected outcomes for reasonable price.


Rafael Javadov ,

I met Elizabeth Krukova in 2011. As a lawyer, she professionally approached to the task and began the legalization of my stay in the United States. She handled my case as responsibly, as she could have handled her own. I obtained both my Green Card and US Citizenship with her help. Currently, I trusted petitions for my family’s Green Cards to her company. I therefore, recommend Elizabeth Krukova as a good lawyer in immigration matters.


Ombanglil Alain ,

I express a deep gratitude to the staff of the center, and personally to Elizabeth Krukova and Sofia Ladygina for the support and assistance in my case! In short, the situation was as follows:
While being in the process for a green card, I didn’t apply for my wife and child; therefore, I had to do the process of family reunion later. All the lawyers, who I have consulted with said that the reunion is almost impossible, until I obtain a citizenship, and calculated the amounts from 10 to 20 thousand dollars for the initial work on cases.

Only at National Capital Legal Services, during the first consultation with Elizabeth Krukova, I learned that for a very reasonable price and terms my family can be reunited and the problem can be solved. It took less than 2 years from the filing of the case with the immigration services to the receipt of the green cards by my family.
Therefore, I strongly recommend contacting the National Capital Legal Services in case of any issues. 


Arthur Nazarenko ,


Первая встреча поможет адвокату точно определить основные проблемы Вашего дела и узнать Вас как потенциального клиента. Давайте поговорим о том, как мы можем Вам помочь. Запросить первую консультацию онлайн легко и удобно!





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